Shapewear is an undergarment designed to cinch, shape and reduce the size of soft body parts that one would like to appear firmer and better toned with all kinds of apparel.

The first form of shapewear is known to be the girdle: a woven, belt-like garment believed to have magical powers in ancient times. Women of the past wore them for fertility, as a symbol of virginity and also to shape, strengthen, and reinforce their bodies. Girdles were considered essential garments by many ancient women, and today they have evolved into Spanx, and other slimming apparels available in the market.

Shapewear is an essential requirement for those who want to fit into smaller garments, and if one doesn't have some of these undergarments, they should add some to their wardrobe collection.


The primary use of this body shaping garment is to successfully reduce the size of flabby thighs, tummy, bottom, and upper arms. Shapewear provides a full hold for the body, a lift for boobs, and they also encourage a better posture. These are the main stressful areas for overweight women who need some support and substantial reduction of large body parts so that they can fit in fashionable and elegant clothes without looking like they have squeezed themselves into them.

The biggest problem associated with fitting into small apparels if one is excessively huge is that one will visibly bulge out through some places and this will look overly terrible, weird and embarrassing in public. However, with shapewear, this problem is resolved through shaping and contouring of the body by the sliming garment so that one fits into that outfit comfortably and without the worry of bulging out.

From the above context, it is pretty evident that the primary use of this kind of slimming underwear is to visibly trim down the appearance of the body to bring out a classy look when wearing smaller clothes. However, one should understand that shapewear is not meant to force overweight persons into unrealistically small garments and has its limitations too. But as long as one is sensible about what they want to achieve and how they want to look, this kind of slimming underwear can help one improve their look when wearing certain clothes.

Waist training using shapewear is advantageous, has numerous benefits and is worth trying by all those aiming to achieve an hourglass figure.

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